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Tar & Chip Paving Services in London

Workers making new asphalt pavement

If you are looking for a unique driveway surface with good traction and a rustic touch, tar and chip paving may be for you. It is often requested for farm lanes and driveways, for it has a rough surface that does not get slippery.

As a bonus, tar and chip paving is almost half the price of regular asphalt paving, which is already cheaper than concrete paving. Furthermore, no sealing is necessary, so maintenance is easy.

Tandem vibration roller compactor working on asphalt pavement, selective focus on road rep
tar and chip driveway2.jpg
What is Tar & Chip

Tar and chip is a combination of asphalt and stone. It is created by applying hot liquid asphalt on top of a gravel base and then adding loose stone over the hot tar. The tar adheres to the gravel, and the loose stones become embedded into the tar. The top layer is rolled to ensure that the stones are firmly attached. The final result is a creative and interesting paving surface.


Contact Asphalt Works if you are interested in tar and chip paving a path or drive in the London area.

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Looking for a Low-Cost Paving Solution?

Tar & Chip is half the price of asphalt paving.

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