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Hot Tar Applications in London

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Over the years, we here at Asphalt Works have perfected a specialized process of repairing cracked pavement. Instead of dipping or pouring hot tar into a crack, we apply it with a Hot Tar Crack Filling Machine with a power-heated wand that injects hot rubberized crack filler deep into cracks. Then we run a V-shaped squeegee over the surface to create a seal on both sides of the crack. Since our rubberized filler is specially formulated to expand and contract with temperature changes, it offers a durable repair that can also stop damage from spreading and enhance the integrity of the pavement.


If you are interested in preserving and protecting your pavement, contact us today to learn more or to request a free quote.

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Stop Cracks in Their Tracks

Our asphalt crack sealing technique offers a long-lasting and cost-effective repair solution.

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