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Our specialized process of crack filling involves the use of a Hot Tar Crack Filling Machine.

Unlike the old method of dripping or pouring hot tar or rubber into a crack, the process now injects the specially formulated hot rubberized crack filler deep into each crack, through a power heated wand. This process is followed by the running of a V-shaped squeegee over top of the crack. This creating a seal or lip on both sides of the crack. The rubberized filler is specially formulated to expand and contract with the change in weather, for a longer and more durable repair.



  • Stop damage from spreading

  • Enhance the integrity of pavement

  • Durable & long lasting repair solution

Preserve the life of your property and protect your investment !

Don’t let water and weather damage crack you up… Fix those cracks before a costly repair is needed. Choose the asphalt crack sealing experts.

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