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Enhancing your exterior paving and walkways using superior products to keep your property looking new. Due to superior time management, flexibility of installation hours and traffic control for pedestrians and vehicles: we are able to provide all of our services without hindering accessibility to your property or services.

Studies have shown that a customer’s satisfaction can be influenced by a locations exterior. The customer’s experience begins the moment they step foot on the property, regardless of the type of establishment.

The exterior appearance communicates what customers can expect from the products and services within. Visually pleasing, welcoming exteriors have the tendency to attract new customers – ultimately influencing the bottom line. With over 30 years of experience in exterior service management and maintenance, we can insure the highest level of quality to you and your customers.

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Parking Lot Liability

Insurance industry statistics for commercial property show that major liability losses come from trips and falls in the parking area and walkways. Now is an excellent time to go out and look for liability hazards that can result in personal injury and expensive lawsuits.

Negligence is the main cause for liability in the majority of personal injury claims. In the courtroom, negligence can be shown by failure to use reasonable care in maintenance and up keep of your property, and also in the failure to use reasonable care in inspecting for hazards.

Do not get caught in a liability trap. Check the parking areas and walkways for damage that could cause an employee or customer to fall and be injured. Regular pavement maintenance will serve to help prevent injuries, and also guard against fraudulent claims and injury settlements.

When faced with a few areas of broken or cracked pavement in an otherwise sound parking area do not put off repairs.

Asphalt repair such as asphalt patching, or asphalt overlayment of your existing parking lot can prolong the life of the parking area; and head off any liability problems. Sealcoating, hot tar crack filling and new line striping will give your parking lot not just a fresh new look, but it extends the life of your current asphalt. Asphalt sealcoating incorporates the use of proven polymer technology. Polymer technology produces an asphalt coating that is superior in toughness, flexibility, adhesion, weather & skid resistance in both wet and dry conditions. Providing property owners with a safer pavement surface for both motorists and pedestrians. Saving you, time and money.

Now is the time to do an inspection of the parking lot and walkways. Areas with cracks and broken pavement that may not seem to be of any importance to you can have the look of negligence to a jury when seen in photographs.

Don’t wait until you have a PROBLEM to FIX a PROBLEM! Preventive maintenance is of key importance!

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Parking Lot


New installations, repairs and refurbishments are done with attention to detail.

We can help you get the longest life from your pavement and help to avoid a liability claim. We here at Asphalt Works specialize in asphalt installations and the maintenance of asphalt surfaces. We provide our customers with free inspections and consultation services, and provide cost effective solutions to any pavement problems you may have.

Asphalt-like any property improvement is a part of the retail /market value for any property. Well maintained property protects your investment.

When inspecting your parking lot you should consider more than just the condition of the parking lot surface. You also need to check the line striping and markings. Handicapped parking spaces and directional arrows should all be clearly marked.

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